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Diablo 3: Ultimate Evil Edition

Re-realized fun for the Next Gen Consoles

Theres much fanfare over the re-release of Diablo 3 and its expansion, Reaper of Souls for the console systems. I love how they pitched it too, “Bonus: Also Includes Diablo III Original Game.” From many of the reviewers the game was a wonderful delight both for...

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September 01, 2014


A Touch of Quality Originality

Its not a cartoon and its definitely not a children's tale. If you've ever enjoyed series like Justified then you'll be at home watching Banshee.

Here's what really brings it together for me:

  • Features a great no-name cast
  • "Rebel"lawman is finally done right
  • Its...

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August 27, 2014

Music Industry in one GIF

We truly live in an age filled with options for media. This is just music but look at video games too. Many indie developers are releasing games that can be enjoyed on mobile phones and tablets, game consoles and computers.

Silvrback blog image

Credit: Kelsey McKinney of VoxMedia

August 25, 2014

Remix Culture

Blending old with the new....

August 24, 2014

First Post

Humble Beginnings

I have a 20,000 things to write about and 10% willpower to attempt it! I'm hoping that by using the Silvrback Platform it'll help jolt my writing willpower. My primary objective with my writing is to voice my personal opinions and thoughts about stuff I enjoy. I know, sounds...

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August 21, 2014